Bow-Wow Barber - Mobile Pet Grooming

Bow-Wow Barber's Products

Bow-Wow Barber offers the best possible care.  We combine top of the line products with spa quality services.  Our all-natural pet shampoos and conditioners are made using only the finest human-grade ingredients such as aloe vera, and natural essential herbal oils. They contain no pesticides and are ideal for pets with allergies or sensitive skin. They are also non-alkaline, and detergent-free. 

Bow-Wow Barber's Services 

• Nails clipped 

• Ears cleaned & ear hair removed

Hair removed from paw pads

• Thorough brushing and comb out

• Sanitary trim

• Warm bath 

• Hand drying to fluff coat and remove any undercoat

• Breed appropriate haircut

• Bows, bandanas, and colognes

• Finishing coat conditioner/lusterizer

• Lots of love!

Specialty Services

• Hot Oil Treatment
• Shedless treatment
• Teeth brushing
• Facial scrubs
• Sugar scrubs
• Dead sea salt scrubs
• Sunscreen

Specialty services are available for an additional charge.                                   


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