Bow-Wow Barber - Mobile Pet Grooming
Q:What is Bow-Wow Barber's contact information?
A: phone: 304-839-DOGS (3647)
    e mail:

Q:  What forms of payments are accepted by Bow-Wow Barber?

A:  Cash or check.

Q:  How often should I have my pet groomed?

A:  Grooming your pet is a part of keeping them healthy and happy.  
Depending on breed, coat type, style choice, as well as your at-home 
maintenance routine, some dogs require regular grooming every four 
to six weeks, and some just need the occasional bath.  Our groomer will be 
happy to discuss your dog’s specific needs with you.

Q:  Are the fees for mobile grooming more expensive than going to the local groom shop?

A: Yes.  You are paying for a specialized service and convenience.  Bow-Wow Barber brings a pet salon to the privacy of your home or office. For a nominal fee more than an area grooming shop, your pet receives individualized attention. We only cater to a limited number of pets each day to ensure that your pet gets the best in quality as well as personalized care. We are stress free for pets and hassle free for owners.

Q:  What are the benefits to using Bow-Wow Barber?

A:  Benefits for your pet include, no exposure to multiple dogs, diseases, or parasites.  No long hours spent in drying cages and crates.  No car sick rides and separation anxiety.  We save you the time and money spent transporting your pet to and from. 

Q:  Are there any breed or weight restrictions?

Q:  Is there anything I should do before Bow-Wow Barber arrives for our grooming appointment?

A: Here are a few helpful hints.
•      Take your dog to potty before we arrive.
•      Don’t feed your dog too soon before the appointment.
•      Don’t overexcite your dog at our arrival.
Q:  My dog can be "difficult"; is that o.k.?

A: We DO NOT groom pets that are aggressive. Biting is NEVER tolerated. We will stop the grooming process if we feel your pet's behavior is risking the safety of our groomer or your pet. Please be honest with us about your pets behavior and we will be honest with you if it sounds like a job that we are not interested in taking on.

Q: My pet's hair is matted, what should I do?

A:  We recommend a short hair cut. De matting can be very painful. We do not believe in torturing your pet to make it beautiful. If you prefer to keep your pet fluffy, you will need to pre book regular appointments.

Q: Am I required to show proof of vacinations?

A:   Yes, for the safety of your pet and our groomer. Bow-Wow Barber does require proof of up-to-date vaccinations. Please be prepared to present a rabies certificate showing date of expiration on our initial visit, as well as the name and phone number of your current veterinarian.

Thank you for your interest in Bow-Barber!
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